Tips and Tricks from Vendors

NEVER A DULL MOMENT: Tips for keeping your knives sharp:                 

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•    Never put your knives in the dishwasher (the caustic soap may cause the steel to pit and rust, even stainless steel).  These pits may eventually turn into cracks making the knife dangerous to use.

•    Don’t leave knives soaking in the sink, especially not in soapy water.

•    Wash with mild dish soap and dry fully before storing.

•    If knives are stored in a drawer, make sheaths for them: cardboard and duct tape work very well.

•    If knives are usually stored in a block with edges down, store them edge up: this  helps to keep the blade sharp longer, but be careful and make sure anyone using these knives know they are sharp-edge up.

•    If knives are stored in a block sideways: when returning them to the block, push the spine of the blade towards the side of the slot.  This helps to keep the knife sharp.

•    Cut on an end grain cutting board made of a wood like maple.  Glass, ceramic or stone will ruin the edge of most knives.  Bamboo is not good for your knives: the glue holding the bamboo pieces together can be very abrasive.