Roasted Feta With Smoked Mango Pineapple Preserves
• Woodstock Hill’s Smoked Mango Pineapple Preserves
• Feta Cheese or any semi hard cheese
• Grilled Baggett, Crusty bread or Pita
Glaze the Feta with Woodstock Hill’s Hand-Smoked Mango Pineapple Preserves.
Set under  broiler for a quick blast, until cheese has a caramelize/char glaze. (3-5 minutes)
A quick blast of heat transforms your block of crumbly feta into an unexpectedly luscious, creamy spread. 
Serve Roasted Feta with a small serving dish of Smoked Mango Pineapple Preserves  Serve alone or make this creamy spread the center of your Holiday charcuterie 

• Roasted or cut Vegetables
• Dried Fruit
• Greek Black and Green Olives
• Assorted meats